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Welcome to SecureBot

Protect your Discord server with the number one security bot for your server.

The bot protects your server from server nuking, server raiding and so much more. Secure your server before it's too late!

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Global Servers
Nukes Prevented
Raids Prevented


Our anti-nuke command ensures that no malicious activities can mass delete channels, roles, or kick members in your server.


Our anti-raid command detects and blocks raid attempts, ensuring your server remains safe and secure from large influxes of malicious users.


Our logging feature sends detailed logs to a chosen channel, helping you keep track of all server activities for better management and security.

Most Popular Commands

  • /help - Show available commands and how to use them/it.
  • 4620+ uses
  • /enable Nuke Protection - Enable anti-nuke protection for your server.
  • 3100+ uses
  • /enable Anti Raid - Enable anti-raid protection for your server.
  • 3050+ uses
  • /verification - Setup verification message/system.
  • 2600+ uses
  • /disable - Disable a protection for your server.
  • 2350+ uses
  • /invited - Check who the user has invited.
  • 1530+ uses
  • /invited-by - Check who the user got invited by.
  • 1500+ uses